The Pony Club is an international voluntary youth organisation for young people interested in ponies and riding. Founded in England in 1929, and granted independent charitable status on 1st January 1997, there are around 345 Branches and 600 Centres in the UK alone.


The Pony Club has been the starting point for a large majority of equestrian team members and medal winners.


The Pony Club is represented in no less than 27 countries with a worldwide membership exceeding 110,000 making it the largest association of young riders in the world.


The objectives of The Pony Club are:

  • to encourage young people to ride and to learn to enjoy all kinds of sport connected with horses and riding
  • to give instruction in riding and horsemastership and to educate Members to look after and to take proper care of their animal
  • to promote the highest ideals of sportsmanship, citizenship and loyalty to create strength of character and self-discipline


Membership is available to children until the end of The Pony Club Year or the Centre Membership Subscription Year, whichever is relevant, in which they become 21 years old.


Associate Membership is available for persons aged over 21 until the end of the Pony Club Year, or the Centre Membership Subscription Year, whichever is relevant, in which they become 25 years old. Associate Members must previously have been either Branch or Centre Members.


Please Visit http://www.pcuk.org/ for more information




Centre membership is open to all clients of Old Bexley Stables on application to the office. Membership Fees are forwarded to the National Office.


Cost of membership is £36.00pa direct to the Pony Club.org.       


Events and activities are scheduled at weekends and during the school holidays. The Pony Club works alongside the childrens regular structured lessons  where the childrens can gain their skill certificates.


Pony Club members  aged 8 and upwards are encouraged to stay on after their morning lessons to `give a hand` with grooming, feeding, leading and handling and putting the ponies back out to grass after their lessons.


There are no additonal charges above the lesson fee on a Saturday. Achievement of badges is dependant on taking part in the manual side of horses and ponies and not to be relient on simply riding.


Sunday Pony Club is £10 subs 10am -till 3pm.


The centre has a tuck wagon or members can bring a lunch box with them with snacks and drinks.


For more details of the Pony Club days please ask your instructor.