Horses and Ponies

All our horses and ponies are available in SHARE or Loan Fees starting from £160 pcm you just need to find your friend among them or a companion on your development path in the equestrian discipline.


Our horsesare are not what you would call a regular school  horses. We tried to select specialized horses for our stable; we can offer some good horses for beginners but most of all we specialized in dressage at different skill levels and jumps.


For riders looking for horses at a more advanced level than typical school horses or for riders who competed previously or want to start but for whatever reason no longer own their own horse or pony we give you such an opportunity.


If you are training for a career in the  Equine industry as a professional rider or coach ouer horses can help to brng  their existing skills to nextlevel.





Very Big Boy, intermediate dressage tutor, which can sometimes discourage future rider with his posture, but in real life sniffing around confidence from the rider more than from his own appearance. Due to the circumstances of stables life, he is not very used to dealing with men :-)






If you want to train dressage, Ollie is the perfect partner. It will introduce an beginner and advanced rider to the world of dressage and allow you to develop your skills because he has excellent character and great experience.










in re-training to Dressage


Ex-racing boy (RoR) unfortunately to big so now at the age of 4 in re-training to his new career, probably (hopefully) next dressage master .

Beautiful black shiny coat distinguishes him from others everywhere.






Our new personality in stable better photos and more info soon.











School horse/Dressage


Black Beauty and attracts others attention, spoiled baby, unfortunately it requires great skills from the rider. Very willing to work with a confident, calm person. He enjoys a lot of cuddling, patting and the company of both people and other horses. Experienced rider recommended






Jumper/basic Dressage


Ex-Steeplechase racing boy, good for experienced rider, often chosen for hacking (only for a confident rider. Requires a lot of knowledge and skills to master it at high speeds). Exposing all mistakes and not forgiving them, which allows you to enter the higher level of self-confidence going along with your skills. Currently part loan by our rider Caroline.









A real gentleman ! can charm anyone with his

calm, nice cuddly attitude. Good for jumping,

easy to walk around, very good natured horse.




Height: 16.2





What can I say about him that he is a calm horse, too calm and too slow for a racing career, although from a very good breeding. He has quickly adapted to school life to and been a gift. It seems that it suits him better than the racetrack and bringing him happiness too.







School Horse/ Jumper


His height does not indicate it, but despite his not very tall stature, he is an excellent jumper.

Good in canter, but a bit funny and silly horse who doesn't like girth pulling very much and often has his

own opinion on the activity we want him to perform. Of course it will do, but in his own style.






School Horse/ Jumper









School horse


Serenity is a step up for our riders. She is forward going but extremely comfortable.

Serenity is a Welsh Section `D` mare and very easy to do. However she does not enjoy showjumping and feels dressage is silly! she does however enjoy woodland hacking and is

a great ride.



Vanner Gypsy Cob

School master All rounder


This lady will easily introduces beginner and intermediate riders with equine life, she is easy to walk around and cuddly, apples and carrots lover. Patient teacher forgiving most mistakes while first steps and gives its rider softness and confidence during the trot and canter. A rider may focus not on getting the horse into particular gaits but training the correct posture and balance. Unheard of to be scared off something or spooked no bites no kicks not nervous.








Great for beginner taller younger riders. Very calm, easy to be around. Our sweet little pie just not like a pony spirit at all. Full of class and distinguished lady, always looking graciously at cuddling arms.





Aplie is a cheeky devil, Fantastic as a LR pony and then a jump up to a second pony as he can be cheeky just off lR. SO something for the younger rider to aim for. He is a very handsome Welsh Section `A` and knows it.






Fenn is a great childrens pony and is in regular demand. She competes at local shows and is very successful and is a great asset to the centre.


















Simon is one of our Pat and Polish Minis and also drives.