What is Hoof?.

The hoof initiative has been designed for lasped riders to encourage them to return to riding by `Taking back the reins` (TBTR) over a series of weekly lessons at a participating riding centre, such as Old Bexley Equestrian Centre.

The courses are costed on value for money to encourage the return to the saddle.

Of course `hoof` is available to the beginner  so if you have never ridden before a `hoof` course is for you as well.


How the courses work.

The general time needed to attend the riding centre would be around one and half hours for seven weeks.

Hoof clients would be encouraged to assist in getting the horse ready for riding, the lesson and then finishing the horse before a well deserved cuppa and chocolate cake.


Schedule of Hoof Courses.


Courses are held MIDWEEK and on SUNDAYS.

You can check the schedule of lessons on the website and new dates and times will added when available.


Equipment Needed.


A safety riding hat is compulsary and body protectors are optional. We have a good selection of hats to borrow, but it is nicer to have your own,  it is to be advised that the checking of the new hat is carried out by a professional hat fitter.


Jodphurs or jeggings are vital as is a warm jacket or sweatshirt with long sleeves.


Riding boots are advised, wellies can be worn as long as they are pliable around the ankle.


Gloves and a schooling whip may be useful.