Equine Courses 2016/2017


We have many courses available this year including funding for the following Examinations.

National Work-based Diploma in Horse -care and Equitation.

Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3.

British Horse Society Examination Training for the following examinations.

Stage One, Stage Two, Stage Three and PTT Training and PTT Hours.

BHEST Qualifications in Horse-care for the non-professional and enthusiast horse owner.


Selecting the right course for you:

Level 1: Foundation Courses.

Just started riding and /or handling horses. No previous experience, none or very little horse knowledge.

Level 2: Novice NVQ or BHS

Some riding and /or horse handling experience.Some previous tuition and training and a small amount of horse knowledge.


Level 3: Intermediate equivalant to Stage 3 .

Riding and horse handling experience to a competant level.

A reasonable level of horses knowledge.

Horsecare and Understanding

These courses are designed for the amateur horse owners and weekend rider to expand their general day to day care and not have to rely on teachers or tariners on a daily basis.


Full Time or Part Time.

Old Bexley offer both Full and Part time courses from four days a week to a few hours a week, dependant on your avalability.

Most of the  course have funding attached will may be fully funded for


19-24yrs are part funded dependant on circumstances.

25 and upwards some courses are funded but there sre student loans available for mature and level three students. (Ask for more details)


If you are unsure at what level you are Old Bexley will carry out an assessment of your riding and horse knowledge prior to sign up. Using the notes here if you do not have a good basic knowhow at least 60-70% of the topic covered then you should choose the lower lever to enrol on.